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Anti-rust film

Static Intercept
Static Intercept
  • Standard type of Intercept series.
  • Rust+ESD countermeasure product
  • Long term storage, Export/import transport, Cleanroom use and Packages for electric parts.
  • Surface resistivity : 106~108Ω
Product No. ThicknessSizePacks/case
SI75B1520 75μm 150mm×200mm 100
SI75B3046 75μm 300mm×460mm 100
SI75B4056 75μm 400mm×560mm 100
SI100B1520 100μm 150mm×200mm 100
SI100B3046 100μm 300mm×460mm 100
SI100B4056 100μm 400mm×560mm 100
Product No. ThicknessSizeRolls/case
SI75F600 75μm 600mm×50m 1
SI75F1200 75μm 1,200mm×50m 1
SI100F600 100μm 600mm×50m 1
SI100F1200 100μm 1,200mm×50m 1

Intercept 3
Intercept 3
  • It is used for gusset back of the car, such as truck.
  • Metallocene PE of the surface is strongly to puncture, excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, pressure resistance, and the heat-sealing properties.
  • For more information, please contact our sales representative.
Product No. ThicknessSizePacks/case
ITS3G95 100μm 950mm×800mm×750mm 10

  • It is a 6-layers structure and can be used for high grade type of products packing which should be careful moisture sensitive.
    (Permanent ESD handing product, Export/import transport by sea, Long term storage)